Glass bottom boat of Ushibuka sea park
Japan's first glass bottom boat of sea park
Yasuragi hot spring
There is also open-air bath
Oniki,Kuroishi Sunset
Amakusa Eight sunset views
Mogushi beach
Here is a place where sea turtles come to lay eggs.
Satsuki beach
You can enjoy camping, too.
Onikizaki beach
It's a good bet as a beach spot.
Sedowa village
unique atmospheric village in Ushibuka
Tuuten Park
NHK drama,there is that monument "bluer than an indigo colour"
Ushibuka Haiya bridge
Italian architect Renzo Piano design
Sea kayak
Sea kayak cruise
You can enjoy diving into the sea of Ushibuka
You can meet tropical fish easily
You can overlook a town of Ushibuka.
Ushibuka park
Park with the fountain
athletic playground open space
athletic playground open space that children will enjoy
Eboshi coal mine historical spot
Submarine coal mine shaft remains of an ancient structure thing of the Meiji era
Komori shore sunset
Amakusa Eight sunset views
Rhaphiolepis umbellata flowers hill
Season Recommended rhaphiolepis umbellata flowers
Monument Urata Tada
The first Japanese female medical doctor
Tsurubayama Park
The view of the sea from there is really beautiful
Tsuten bridge
The red color bridge connects Gesu Island to Ushibuka of Amakusa Shimoshima
Fishing boat Rossy
The fishing boat from which you can enjoy fishing and leisure activities
Marine tourist Ushibuka
Fishing tackle,transport to remote fishing areas and cruising
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Ushibuka Weather
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Amakusa Eight sunset views
The pleasure boat of Ushibuka sea park
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