Asoka diner
a fish-shaped pancake filled with bean paste
Inoue Isamu store
Dried mullet roe
OkadaTetsuro store
boiled fish-paste loaf with shrimp
Sakagoe confectionary store
Sweets with sponge cake and bean paste rolled with rice cake
salted squid guts,confections
Hara kamaboko store
Boiled egg with fried fish-paste
Ushibuka Morning Market
Ushibuka Local Specialty
confectionery workshop Le Monde
Sweets with sponge cake and bean paste rolled with rice cake
Yamashita souvenir store
dried fish,sea urchin eggs
Yoshinaga bread bakery
Melon cream bread,hot dog with a yellowtail
Nakamura store
glaze-grilled moray eel,fried moray eel coated with potato starch
Nakamura rice cake store
sweet potato rice cake
Uebayashi store
Octopus Dumplings,shaved ice etc
Yoshiura store
octopus・sea urchin eggs etc
Shimomura store
dried horse mackerels with Mirin seasoning
Matsuoka marine products
round herring
Yamashita marine products
dried-salted scabbard fish etc
Kanenaka store
boiled fish-paste with cheese
Kaigawa Kamaboko store
moke fish-paste cake
TenEi foods
soup stock powder,soup stock bag"DASHI"
Higuchi marine products
smoked mackerels
Nishioka Katsuji store
the moist mackerel topping・fish sauce
Noguchi marine products
mackerels flakes
Takara rice cake store
sweet potato rice cake
Salt workshop Takarajima
Salt from Ushibuka
Utsugi KILN
Ushibuka kaisaikan
About Ushibuka
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Ushibuka visit・activity
Ushibuka Weather
Ushibuka Weather
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Amakusa Eight sunset views
The pleasure boat of Ushibuka sea park
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Ushibuka Sanwa ferry
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Ushibuka Haiya Festival
Ushibuka event
Amakusa Treasure Island Tourism Association The headquarters